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Lilacia Park

Lombard, IL - Western Suburb of Chicago

These map images should help you get where you need to go.

There are comments under each image that should help you familiarize yourself with the area and where to park and meet.

Here is a Google map link.

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Trouble? Just contact us.

First thing to note: there are 3 churches on the East and South sides of the park. If you are coming on a Sunday morning, please allow extra time to deal with the possibility of extra traffic/parking time.

Parking- there is parking all along the train tracks on Parkside Ave (North of park). I believe Sundays are free. There is also street parking on Park Ave (East side of park). You are also allowed to park in the Lombard Park District lot and can walk directly into the park from there.

'X' marks the spot where we will meet, which is right in front of the fountain.

'X' marks our meet spot, zoomed in a bit more ;)

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