Private Sessions - at Home


  • We will arrive at your front door at the time we designate with you.

  • We will take a look at what space you have and discuss your wishes.

  • We will set up any lighting, props or other equipment necessary.

  • Then, the work starts. You will be working with us to create the images you want. Don't worry, we'll tell you how ;)



Au natural is fine, but keep in mind that we often use a leash to get your pup in position (or to minimize the time that it takes to get them back in position, once they break from it). This means it's preferable for you to have a good-fitting collar that you won't mind seeing in the photos. We can often photoshop it out along with the leash, but sometimes it will not look natural to do so (so be sure you don't hate the collar they are wearing).

WHAT TO WEAR (people)

Try not to blend into your home or your dog. Don't wear brown pants on a brown couch. Don't wear white if your dog or the wall is white. Simple stuff ;) Feel free to have outfit choices laid out when we get there. We don't mind helping you choose.

- Make sure your dog has been well walked before the shoot. Calmer dogs take better photos.

- This tends to 'clean the pipes', as they say, which is also a great idea. You wouldn't smile very big for your photos if you had to use the bathroom ;)


- If you are feeding your dog not long before we shoot, make sure it's at least an hour before.

- If you are feeding your dog not long before the shoot, don't give them a full meal (unless your Vet would instruct otherwise for some health reason). The only reason for this is to make them more attentive to food 'bribes' for attention to the camera. If you have a dog that's always food obsessed, no matter what, don't worry about feeding them less for their meal ;)


- Have on hand the items that most motivate your pup. Favorite treats, squeak toy, etc. For extra attention, don't give these things to your dog for 24 hours before the shoot.



- If your dog has hair covering their eyes and you have a way you fix that, do it. You'll be glad you pinned FeeFee's bangs back when you can see her eyes in the photos.


We're going to have a lot of FUN! So, don't be nervous. We are super casual and like to laugh. This isn't Science, it's Pet Photography. Let's enjoy the madness together! :)