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Back to School Pawtraits

For the second year in a row, Richlee Vans is helping us kick off our Fall Touring Season with a real Bus for the pups!

Already Booked?


We're really excited to meet you and your pup(s). Here is some important information:


  • Show up for your session on time, but stay out of view of the current subject.

  • We will move your dog through a few different poses in and out of the Bus.

  • Order prints, merchandise or printable digital downloads online from the gallery we will send to you via email.

  • We include a coupon code for a free print.

  • Questions? CONTACT US







Hmmm...a cap and gown? Just kidding - this event is made to capture the au-natural beauty of your pup! Feel free to dress them in anything you like or don't worry about it at all. Backpacks are certainly cute.


We photoshop out the leash, but we are not able to alter harnesses. If you do not want a harness in the photo, please be sure you have a good-fitting collar with you so that we can use a leash to pose your pup(s).


PLEASE BE ON TIME (& expect to hang out a few minutes)

Please :) This way others do not have to wait. If you are not on time, we'll still get to you, but you may need to wait just a few minutes for other appointments to have their session. Sessions slots are just 5 minutes, but we have 5 minutes in between each session, just in case. It balances out, but we do ask for your patience as at times we will be ahead of schedule and other times we may be just 10 minutes behind.



PLEASE NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY if you will not be able to make your appointment. There are lots of Fetch Fans out there hoping for a slot. If you no longer need yours, let us know so someone else can have it. You can do so by contacting us here. We are happy to reschedule your session fee if you cannot make it, but we ask that you notify us no more than 3 days prior to your booking. If you need to cancel, that's ok too, but we cannot refund you less than 3 days prior to your booking. 

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