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Outdoor Photo Sessions- FAQ's


How does it work?

Photo Sessions are SO easy! Just pick a time & place, book it and show up! We'll walk around with you and your dog(s) and get the photos you've always wanted. That's stroll around and have fun, we do the rest! From time to time we may ask you to assist in handling your dog. No matter what, laughter is a priority.

What time of day do you typically shoot?

We need to shoot when the natural light is optimal, which is anything but mid-day. The closer to sunrise/sunset, the better.


What do I need to bring?

Your dog (of course) and the normal things you'd bring on a walk. Leash, water, treats and toys. You will receive an email at least 1 week before your shoot with more specific instructions.

What if my dog doesn't know commands?

That's what we're used to! Most of the THOUSANDS of dogs we've photographed didn't listen to anything we had to say. Our experience shooting shelter dogs has given us an appreciation for pups that have no reverence for commands. We've got some tricks up our sleeve. You didn't think all the dogs on this site were trained, now, did you?

But, what about the leash?

That's what PhotoShop is for. Most of the dogs you see on our site had a leash on when we snapped the photo.

What if it rains?

We always set a rain date. We check weather reports 2 days before the session, to see if it calls for rain (or extreme fog or wind). We send you an email to confirm or reschedule for the rain date, accordingly.


What is included in the session fee?

An initial phone consultation, ready instructions, what to expect at your shoot, the session itself and and your own, private, online gallery where you can order prints, merchandise and digital downloads.


Can I pay over time?

Yes! We understand this is an investment. 50% of your session fee is due upon booking. The remaining balance is due at the time of shoot. Photo orders are appreciated within 2 weeks. So, you see, the charges are broken up over time by the nature of how our business works. If you would like to spread it out even more, we do offer Pup-Photo-Grams that are as little as $50 a month. Just inquire for details.

How do I tell my friends?

Hey, thanks for asking!! We try to be good people and do good with our business so we really appreciate your passing us on! We're working on a cool button for you, but for now, just share this link: Thank you!


Want to book? Still have questions?


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