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Do you own or operate a pet-centered business in the Chicagoland area? Have you been looking for the perfect people to help you create a fantastic website, social media presence, blog or some kind of promotion? We're really excited to tell you about a new offering from Fetch Portraits - Fetch for Business. Although we've never officially offered this service before, we've actually been providing it for years!


The Short Story:

Try and find a photographer who specializes and has extensive experience in products, headshots, facility interiors and journalistic candids. Ya find one? Impressive. OK, now ask them if they've ever done all those things with dogs and cats and bunnies in the photos. Mm hmm, we didn't think so. It's that simple. We don't know of anyone who can do what we do, at least not like we do it.


We'll get great photos of your product(s), facility, staff and client interaction! CONTACT US today for a quote.






ypw_daycare_facility_spring_2015 138.jpg
southlake_animal_hospiital_spring_2015 059.jpg
southlake_animal_hospiital_spring_2015 239.jpg
VSC_2014 472.jpg
VSC_2014 615 copy.jpg
ypw_daycare_facility_spring_2015 199.jpg
VSC_2014 864.jpg
ypw_daycare_facility_spring_2015 074.jpg
VSC_2014 897.jpg
front_nw copy.jpg
dog_basket - Copy.jpg
VSC_2014 872.jpg
southlake_animal_hospiital_spring_2015 105.jpg
southlake_animal_hospiital_spring_2015 315.jpg
VSC_2014 406.jpg
Dog_Chicago_Tour_Spring_2015 140.jpg
VSC_2014 452.jpg
VSC_2014 226.jpg
southlake_animal_hospiital_spring_2015 302.jpg
southlake_animal_hospiital_spring_2015 413.jpg
ypw_daycare_facility_spring_2015 261.jpg
VSC_2014 721 copy.jpg
southlake_animal_hospiital_spring_2015 014.jpg
ypw_daycare_facility_spring_2015 316.jpg

Further Detail...


Dog Photography is a niche business. So are Headshots. So is real estate Photography. Then there's event photography. Nobody does all these things and if they do, they don't JUST photograph those things.




We have the photography skills and experience in all the areas that make us your best choice as a pet-centered business.


In the last 13 years, not only have we photographed 12,000 dogs, we've also been shooting corporate headshots, real estate interiors, business showcases,  posed candids, veterinary facilities/procedures/staff, doggie daycares and retail stores, not to mention hundreds of pet-centered events!


In order to sell your product  or service, you need to showcase some or all of the following:


  • Facility

  • Staff and Owners/Board

  • Interaction with customers

  • Product

  • Service standards


You no doubt have a web presence (website and/or social media) that needs to project your branding and set you apart from your competitors. Photos make that web presence. But how will you tell your story? YOUR WHOLE STORY?


We are so uniquely qualified for your photo project that we're going to go ahead and tell you, straight up - we're perfect for you.


We specialize in stock and requested stock photos (both exclusive and non-exclusive rights), headshots, product photos, business venue showcase, events and posed candids that journalize the story of your business.


Do you have a photo project coming up? CONTACT US!

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