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Are you looking for something:

☑️ Unique? ☑️ Memorable? ☑️Special? ☑️Lasting?  ☑️ Fun?

We produce one-of-a-kind Pet Portrait Pop-ups for people who love to creatively document their relationship and special occasions with their Pup.

We're excited to announce our newest offering: 

Fetch_Portraits_Salon_Sessions_FF_composite_1 copy.jpg


Together, we can create images of a Spa Day with your Dog!

fetch portraits salon sessions1


We pose you separately, then create a Composite Image.

Composite Photography is the use or combination of two or more different images to create a new one. Although it sounds simple, the creation of a new image using the composite method is a process that can take hours — it’s something that requires constant practice in order to create believable compositions. But believe me, it’s worth it.”

~ Adobe Blog, 2021



salon sessions behind the scenes_edited.jpg

The Session

  • $99

  • 20 minutes

  • 2 subjects*

  • Gallery for ordering

  • Minimum order $150

     *A subject is a person, a dog or other animal. Extra subjects require extra time/fees. Please inquire.

Fetch_Portraits_Salon_Test_Woo_2021_1409 copy.jpg
Fetch_Portraits_Salon_Sessions_FF_composite_3 wm.jpg

Print & Product Pricing


  • View print pricing in our Sample Gallery

  • For Composites, add composite fee of $49 per subject, 1st subject free.

  • Receive a shareable** digital file for each printed image ordered.

**This file will not print but can be displayed on electronic devices and social media/sharing sites. 

fetch portraits how to salon session_edited.jpg

Stand-Alone Images (non-Composite)


If you just want your pup to pose without you, or you want to be photographed with your pup, we've got poses! We can't wait to create something stunning for your wall!

Fetch_Portraits_Salon_Session_TW_1206 copy.jpg

What are you waiting for?

Fetch_Portraits_Salon_Session_TW_1206_1248composite copy.jpg

Opportunities like this don't come along very often 😉

Contact us to be notified of the next Tour!

Right now, the plan is June '22😁



Still Have Questions?

See What Others Say about their Fetch Portraits.

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