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Red Carpet Sessions
...what to expect

Already Booked? Great!


Here is some important information:


It's our first year! Red Carpet & backdrop and red velvet ropes and stanchions 😁




Well, anything festive! But don't worry, if your dog prefers not to mess with such puppish antics, we will happily capture their beauty, au-natural!

We will have sunglasses, bow ties, hair bows & tutu's!


We photoshop out the leash, but we are not able to alter harnesses. If you do not want a harness in the photo, please be sure you have a good-fitting collar with you so that we can use a leash to pose your pup(s).

PLEASE BE ON TIME (& expect to hang out a few minutes)

Please :) This way others do not have to wait. If you are not on time, we may not be able to get to you until the end of our Sessions that day. Portrait Session spots are just 5 minutes. Many sessions will only require a few minutes, while others may take an extra minute or two. It balances out, but we do ask for your patience as at times we may be just a few minutes behind.



There are lots of Fetch Fans out there hoping for a slot. If you no longer need yours, let us know so someone else can have it. Your booking email contains a link to cancel. You can cancel up to 3 days before the event. Beyond that there are no refunds, but if you contact us, we may be able to move your booking to another venue/date/time. Use your booking email or contact us here.


  • Show up for your session on time

  • We take as many shots as it takes to get the 'gold'

  • Receive an email link 3 biz days later

  • Order your Free Print and any extra's or downloads.

  • Questions? CONTACT US

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