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You Voted, so you get first dibs!

If you have questions about Park Sessions, just check out our FAQ's.


With regard to Mother's Day Park Sessions in particular:


  • Your Mother's Day Park Photo Session will include a 30 minute outdoor session as well as a $15 print credit. Once you order that print, we will send you that image in low resolution for sharing on social networks, as well.


  • We're working on some other fun stuff for these events, so stay tuned to find out about extra's!


  • Full instructions for your photo shoot, how to prepare and what to expect will be sent via email to bookers within 72 hours of booking.



  • Yes, you can bring as many dogs or kids as you want, but please be sure to book one session per "Dog Parent". This is for Mother's Day, so it's all about the mom, her family and her pets. If your children are over 18 and have their own pets, they are welcome to be in photos with you, but if they want their own photos with their pet, please make sure they book their own, separate session.


  • The kind of photos you want will dictate the size of your gallery. If you have a ton of people and more than one dog and want a family photo, we can use your Park Session to accomplish that. Just please keep in mind that shots like this take time. We will of course use any remaining time for candid and posed individual shots, as time allows

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