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#ParkPet Photo Sessions

Already Booked?


We're excited to meet you and your pup(s). Here is some important info:


  • Show up for your session on time and get ready to have fun :)

  • Within a few days, you'll receive a link to the gallery containing all the photos we took that day.

  • Order extra prints, merchandise or digital downloads  from the same gallery. Digital images can be delivered by Mother's Day, of course.

  • You will receive specific instructions once you book.

  • Questions? CONTACT US



We photoshop out the leash, but we are not able to alter harnesses. If you do not want a harness in the photo, PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD FITTING COLLAR WITH YOU so that we can use a leash to pose your pup(s).

WHAT TO WEAR (people)

Try not to blend into nature or your dog. Don't wear green pants (grass) and a blue shirt (sky). Don't wear white if your dog is white. Simple stuff ;)

- Make sure your dog has been well walked before the shoot. Calmer dogs take better photos.

- This tends to 'clean the pipes', as they say, which is also a great idea. You wouldn't smile very big for your photos if you had to use the bathroom ;)


- If you are feeding your dog not long before we shoot, make sure it's at least an hour before.

- If you are feeding your dog not long before the shoot, don't give them a full meal (unless your Vet would instruct otherwise for some health reason). The only reason for this is to make them more attentive to food 'bribes' for attention to the camera. If you have a dog that's always food obsessed, no matter what, don't worry about feeding them less for their meal ;)


- Bring with you the items that most motivate your pup. Favorite treats, squeak toy, etc. For extra attention, don't give these things to your dog for 24 hours before the shoot.

- Poop bags for the just-in-case

- Water

- Towel for eye ickies, wetness from drinking, messes they might get into.


- If your dog has hair covering their eyes and you have a way you fix that, do it. You'll be glad you pinned FeeFee's bangs back when you can see her eyes in the photos.

- Make sure they are wearing a collar/tags you won't mind in photos. I can work a lot of magic in photoshop, but collars tend to push skin & fur in directions that don't look natural once I remove the reason it was pushed that way (the collar), so we tend to leave collars in the photos.


If you are planning on being in any of the photos

- pick colors to wear that won't blend in with the background or with your dog. Blue jeans are great against greenery. If your dog is white, don't wear white. You get it :)

- if your hair doesn't look good when the wind blows, wear a hat or pin it up. There's nothing worse than getting the perfect shot with the exception of hair across your entire face ;)

Seriously. This is what happens when people don't listen to my warning:


PLEASE NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY if you will not be able to make your appointment. Let us know so someone else can come. You can do so by contacting us here. We are happy to reschedule your session fee if you cannot make it, but we ask that you NOTIFY US NO LESS THAN 1 FULL WEEK prior to your booking. If you need to cancel, that's ok, too, but we cannot refund you less than 1 week prior to your booking.  I hope you understand, we're a very small business - just the 2 of us :)

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