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Who isFetc Portraits?

Who is Fetch Portraits?

For 15 years, we've been producing one-of-a-kind Pet Portrait Pop-ups for people who love to creatively document their relationship and special occasions with their Pup.

👉 See what our clients have to say about us!

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Why Salon Sessions?


  • Out-of-the-ordinary, fun experience for you and your Pup!

  • Your images will cause smiles for miles!

  • A portion of proceeds will benefit Mental Health! 😊

(10% goes to The Caring Place)

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Sounds great, doesn't it?!



Submit our Contact form and tell us about the subjects...

...we'll respond and answer all your questions 😄

Question List


What's included in a Salon Session?

  • Personal 10 minute Salon Portrait Session 

  • Private Gallery

  • 8x10 Ready-to-Hang Sleek Standout Print 

  • Shareable Digital file of the same image

  • "Yes, my Dog has a Photographer" tote bag containing all sorts of goodies for pups and their humans

  • 10% of proceeds will be donated to The Caring Place

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What's included in a Salon Session?


Single Chair Session .............$149 (50% Deposit)

Add'l Guests*.............$99 each

Print & Wall Art Pricing**.............Sample Gallery

*Additional guests must be from the same household.

**Shareable digital included with each Print/Wall Art purchase.

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Pricing FAQ's 

  • What is considered a 'Guest'? "If it fits, it sits." A Guest is whomever fits reasonably in the chair, human or animal.*

  • I have 3 or more guests...will I get a bigger print with my session? Those with 3 or more guests may wish to upgrade the included print to a larger size. Simply pay the difference.

  • What about Pricing for Images I will purchase from my Gallery? You can view Image Product rates in our Sample Gallery


*If you have 2 super tinies (or a kid and a tiny that fits in their lap), as long as they can fit easily in the chair together, that can count as one guest.

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Pricing FAQ's

How does it all work?

  • Contact us to reserve your spot

  • We provide a Fashion Inspiration Gallery 

  • Text us your fashion choices, we'll chime in!

  • Once you are on-set, it'll feel like you have a friend behind the camera (because you do!)

  • We'll style your session with vintage and professional props, including wigs, 50's-80's & other magazines, stylist aprons, tools, smocks etc.

  • Once the Gallery is delivered, we'll schedule a Personal Review & Ordering Session

  • Your friends and family will flip and be jelly and stuff :)

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How Does it Work?

Single, Together or Composite?


Whether your pup will be the only Supermodel or you or other humans will join, we'll create something stunning for your wall!

We'll decide together what poses are best for your pup or group.

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Single,Togeher or Composite?






Fetch_Portraits_Salon_Test_Woo_2021_1409 copy.jpg

What if I don't have a Dog?


Whatchya got?



Sugar Glider?


Guinea Pig


Humans only?


OK 😄

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What if I don't have a dog?

What if I have my own posing ideas?


I'll be so excited you won't be able to contain me, that's what!

Look at this session we had SO much fun with!

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What if I have my own posing ideas?


What are you waiting for?

Fetch_Portraits_Salon_Session_TW_1206 copy.jpg

Opportunities like this don't come along very often 😉



Submit our Contact form and tell us about the subjects...

...we'll respond within 24 hours to answer all your questions 😄

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Still Have Questions?

See What Others Say about their Fetch Portraits.

Sample Gallery

Contact us - we're fun to talk with and we'll help you figure it out! 

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