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Wampum Lake

(Google Maps linked)

Forest Preserve & Lake - South of Chicago - SW of 294/80 & 394 Danville

These map images should help you get where you need to go.

The last image shows an 'X' where we will meet you.

Have you reviewed our Tips for preparing for your session?


Trouble? Just contact us.

wampum zoom out.jpg
wampum no exit.jpg

There is no exit for the road that this Lake is'll need to head down 80/294 for a slight detour onto Torrence, which you can take to Thornton Rd, where the Lake entrance is located.

wampum satellite.jpg

Once you pull in the parking lot, just park at the end of the first set of parking, just before you get to the first clearing.

wampum x park.jpg

We'll be waiting for you, or you'll see us finishing up the session prior to yours.

wampum shoot area.JPG

The big circle is where we'll be shooting. If you don' tsee us in the parking lot, we're shooting the subject before you. In that case just follow the dots and you'll run into us coming back from our last appointment ;) 

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