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Montrose Dog Beach

Chicago - North of North Ave Beach - East of LSD

These map images should help you get where you need to go.

The last image shows Bull's Eye where we will meet you.

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*If you are driving, you should be able to find parking along the street near the entrance. If you are coming to an early slot, you may even find parking in the MonDog parking lot. Please arrive early and be prepared to hoof it. You never know what events are going on in the city on the weekend.

Montrose Dog beach is on the North end of Montrose Beach, between Foster & North Ave beaches.

You can get to Montrose Dog Beach from the Wilson, Lawrence or Montrose exits of Lake Shore Dr.

Find the Parking Lot ('X") and enter the gate, walk down the ramp and onto the beach. If you don't see us, wait for us by the bulls-eye.

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