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Beat the Heat in August! Beach Photo Sessions for your Pup(s)...

Montrose Dog Beach

Is there really anything more fun than watching your pup run with reckless abandon on the beach?

I remember the first time we brought our Boxer, Lido, to the beach. The first thing he wanted to do was figure out what the sand was all about...with his mouth! He took a big lick of that stuff and then headed straight for the water to rinse his mouth out. Then he got distracted by a ball, then a stick then other dogs and people and before you know it, he had no idea I was even there.

That's the kind of joy I love most in dogs - the kind I long to capture with my camera.

So, in honor of my sweet Lido, we're offering beach shoots starting at just 99 bucks all August long! That's a saving of over 30% off our regular rates. In addition to that, we will also donate 5% of your print/merchandise order to the Charity of your choice.

To inquire about a Beach Photo Session, just contact us!

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