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How Do You Say "F#ck Parvo"?

F#ck Parvo OTAT Chicago

You don't need to create a Vaccine - it's already been made. You don't need to come up with a way to get this Vaccine to Puppies in danger - there's already a plan. You don't even need to tell anyone else (although we hope you do), because you can say "F#ck Parvo" all by yourself. Just book a photo session with Fetch Portraits in the month of September and we will say F#ck Parvo for you, by donating $25 (the cost of one Vaccine) to One Tail at a Time, who is leading the charge to end Parvo in our city.

In addition to our client dogs, we've also photographed THOUSANDS of pups in Rescue over the years. Some of the saddest times are during a Parvo outbreak - quarantine, stressed volunteers, huge costs for treatment that nearly debilitate any rescue hit with it. In the meantime, they're not taking in any new pups, so fewer dogs lives are being saved.

According to Heather Otat of One Tail at a Time "Parvo is a super dangerous, potentially deadly disease that preys on puppies, older and sick animals. Once they get it, it has to be treated, but treatment is really expensive." They recently had an outbreak in one litter of pups that cost them $10k. Had they vaccinated these pups, the cost would have been $200.

There aren't many things in this world that are SO avoidable. That's why we chose this as our September Cause.

So, how can you help?

Book a Session and we will donate the cost of one Vaccine.

Share images of your pup with info about this disease and tag #EndParvo

Donate directly to OTAT

To inquire about a Photo Session to help end Parvo in Chicago, just contact us!

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